Thursday, April 15, 2010

TP 52 Palmavela

© Sander van der Borch/ARTEMIS
By Paul Cayard
Artemis is in Palma racing in her first TP52 regatta of the 2010 season. The Palmavela event is not part of the Audi MedCup circuit, but it is an opportunity to test the boat after the winter modifications. The TP52 Class made some rule changes allowing bowsprits, square top mainsails and a lower crew weight limit.

Today was the first race day and the wind had trouble establishing itself. Finally, at 1430 we started the only race of the day in 8 knots from 220. We wanted the left so we started at the pin end of the line and controlled the left. We had a nice lead at the first mark but had a problem getting the jib up at the leward mark. We went around with no jib and Cristabella crossed ahead half way up the second windward leg. They tacked on us a few times, but we closed in on them at the second windward mark to round right on their stern. As the wind had gone quite a bit right, we then proceeded to do a gybe set. This got us on the long board coming down to the finish. At the line we beat Cristabella by one boat length. Matador was third and Weapon of Choice fourth. There are just 4 TP52's here. Racing continues through Sunday. There are two other classes of boats, with some big Wallys racing. The forecast for tomorrow isn't much more promising, but hopefully a light seabreeze will fill in in the afternoon.