Tuesday, April 27, 2010

J24 Erin sinks in 30 knot broach.

Simmons and Snyder just keep on winning - Talbot Wilson
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It was Winds 1, Yachts 0 today as Tim Lynch’s J24, Erin, took a death
roll and sank on the last leg of Race 5 of Bermuda International
Invitational Race Week regatta. Erin was flying downwind under
spinnaker in 30 knots of wind on Bermuda’s Great Sound. She took a
knockdown and stuck her mast in the water. The cockpit and cabin
flooded almost immediately.

No one was injured. Lynch and his crew Barry Surbuchen, Steven
Musicant, Natalie Luthi, Tiffany Wardman were picked up quickly by
chase boats on the course. Several racing boats diverted to render
assistance as well. Efforts to raise Erin from about fifty feet of
water continued Tuesday afternoon.

In other sailing action today, Eugene “Penny” Simmons, his crew Sacha
Simmons, Steven King, Steven King, Steve Mohr and D’Arcey Betschart
got one step closer to winning the 7-race IOD “A” Series They also
lead in the overall competition for the Vrengen Gold Cup Trophy. Today
Simmons sailed Bounty (IOD 10) to a first and third and now has 7
points. He leads the Peckham/Carver team by three points. Tony Huston
and Patrick Cooper are tied in third with 22 each.

In the J24’s, Colorado’s Scott Snyder sailed two more excellent
races. Snyder has a perfect slate of first place finishes so far
this week. He has scored 1,1,1,1,1 for 5 points, 4 with his dropped
race. Peter Rich of the Severn Sailing association in Annapolis
Maryland climbed into second place with 11 points. Trevor Boyce fell
to seventh place after taking two RAF’s due to rule infractions in
both races. Sean McDermott moved into third place with 13 points.

Rockal Evans slipped into the front in the Laser Class. Today he took
a third, a second and a first for 15 points after dropping his worst
finish. Brett Wright moved into second with 16 points and Malcolm
Smith stands third with 18.

In the Etchells Class, Bermudian Martin Vezina held on to first place
with a 1,3 for the day, He has 9 points. Malcolm Graham-Taylor and Tim
Patton are both one point back with 10 points each.

The J105 class liked the high winds again. Allan Williams, skipper of
Not Mine for the day, got a 1,3 and is now in a tie with Chuck
Millican in Elusive, both with 8 points. James MacDonald, still in
third place now has 13 points.

Tonight is the Bacardi® Rock on the Dock BBQ at the Royal Bermuda
Yacht Club. No races are scheduled for Wednesday, so racing continues
at 11:00 Thursday. Breezy conditions are expected to continue but
nothing like the 30 knot wind on the course today. Forecasters say
winds will moderate to 15-20 knots for Thursday and Friday.

Details, entry lists, results and photos will be posted on the RBYC
web site: http://www.biirw.bm/
Racing starts at 1100hrs on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and
Friday for both courses.

Bacardi presents a daily prize at the RBYC Terrace Bar post race
party. THE BACARDI SAILING SPIRIT PRIZE, for the day’s significant
sailing achievement, is awarded ceremoniously each afternoon.

The Prize Giving Party at RBYC concludes Race Week on Friday the 30th
of April. In addition to the fantastic sailing competition, the week
is sprinkled with fleet parties.

Inaugurated by the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club in 1927, Bermuda
International Invitational Race Week has become an established
international yachting fixture each spring - attracting top skippers
from all over the world. Bermuda Premium Spirits Limited, local
distributor for BACARDI® rum, is the sponsor and has been for the past
nine years. All classes with an active local racing program in Bermuda
may invite international sailors to participate in the 2010 Bermuda
International Invitational Race Week. International participation is
required for a fleet to compete.