Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Jessica Watson: Good Sailing

Pic 1: Fitting the bladed to the new wind generator.

Pic 2: I turned the amp meter back on and I'm smiling about it!
Jessica Watson Blog:
I'm happy to report that yesterday we finally made some good progress and today's been a good days sailing too. It's amazing how much closer Sydney looks when we're moving. And wow, we're starting to get close too!
So nothing too new or exciting to report just lots of flying along with the occasional patch of sunshine and life as normal on Ella's Pink Lady.

Something I'm not too thrilled about though is the forecast for the next week. It's not going to be the easy sailing that I asked for. Hopefully nothing too bad but not exactly a walk in the park stuff either. OK, walk in
the park isn't really the best expression to use, but you get the picture!

I had to give myself a good talking to after reading Bob's latest forecast. I'd been hoping that was the last of the nasty stuff. Oh well, I've only got to keep up the whole "pretending to be tough" thing for a little while longer!

I hear someone (Granddad Chisholm!) has been stirring things up on both sides of the Tasman over whether I'm a Kiwi or and Aussie. Apparently New Zealand's trying to claim me! I don't think that anything I say will make the slightest difference on this one, but I will say that I do have both Australian and New
Zealand passports.

Australia's home to me (sorry Granddad!) but my trusty first mate is a stuffed Kiwi!

Jesse -