Sunday, August 29, 2010

Audi MedCup :Emirates Team New Zealand wins the regatta at Cartagena after 3 races on final day.

The team finished a comfortable 10 points ahead of Matador (Argentina) and 21.5 points ahead of third placed TeamOrigin.

The last day of racing was not without drama. NZL 380 started well, taking second place in the first race. A port-starboard incident in the second race involving Quantum Racing cost them dearly. They finished fourth but were disqualified.

Dean Barker and crew shrugged that off and came back to win the last race of the regatta.

Dean Barker said: “We sailed much better here than we did in Barcelona. We didn't have any bad races. I think we sailed better in Barcelona than we had done earlier in the year, and today it was really a good day.”

“With three races to go anything could have happened and we managed to sail a very good, consistent day.

“Cartagena has been good for me. I've raced here three times now and had three victories, the first one with Bribón.

“It's a difficult venue, I don't think you ever really quite understand it, there's big currents, a lot happening out there, so you have to take it one day at a time, and see what you figure out.”

Vasco Vascotto, tactician on Matador, paid tribute to the New Zealand crew:
“We are happy because we've fine tuned some details in the way we sail, but the truth is that ETNZ are a step beyond us all.

“Sometimes we tend to forget that and try to fight them but they are far better than us, and we have to learn from them to improve ourselves. We are like little children, but talented. We have many great moments, and many not that good. I hope we can improve and keep consistent.”

The Cartagena win has preserved the team’s hold on the season championship. After four of the five regattas in the MedCup series, Emirates Team New Zealand is on 133 points, 46.5 clear of second placed Quantum Racing on 179.5. Matador is third on 199 points.

Warren Douglas, Emirates Team New Zealand

See Audi MedCup images:
Caja Mediterráneo Region of Murcia Trophy
Final result after 10 races
1. Emirates Team New Zealand (NZL), 4+2+5+4+3+1+1.5+2+12(DSQ)+1= 35.5 points
2. Matador (ARG), 1+4+1+5+8+5+6+1+7+7= 45
3. TeamOrigin (GBR), 3+1+3+2+1+3+16.5+7+1+9= 46.5
4. Quantum Racing (USA), 9+5+6+3+7+2+7.5+6+5+3= 53.5
5. Artemis (SWE), 5+6+2+10+4+6+3+9+9+10= 64
6. Synergy (RUS), 8+3+7+11+6+7+10.5+10+2+4= 68.5
7. Luna Rossa (ITA), 2+7+9+6+2+9+15+3+8+8= 69
8. Bribón (ESP), 7+11+4+1+10+4+12+11+4+6= 70
9. Audi A1 powered by ALL4ONE (FRA/GER), 6+8+11+8+9+10+9+5+10+2= 79
10. Bigamist 7 (POR), 11+9+8+9+11+11+4.5+4+6+5= 78.5
11. Cristabella (GBR), 10+10+10+7+5+8+13.5+8+3+11= 85.5

Audi MedCup Circuit 2010
Leaderboard after four events of five
1. Emirates Team New Zealand (NZL), 31.5+31+35+35.5= 133 points
2. Quantum Racing (USA), 59.5+22,5+44+53.5= 179.5
3. Matador (ARG), 60+27+67+45= 199
4. TeamOrigin (GBR), 59.5+31+63+46.5= 200
5. Artemis (SWE), 57+53+33+64= 207
6. Synergy (RUS), 64+35.5+73+68.5= 241
7. Audi A1 powered by ALL4ONE (FRA/GER), 51.5+29.5+84+78= 243
8. Bribón (ESP), 88+41+58+70= 251.5
9. Cristabella (GBR), 65+43.5+62+85.5= 256
10. Luna Rossa (ITA), 77.5+44.5+73+69= 264
11. Bigamist 7 (POR), 88+78+70+78.5= 314.5