Monday, August 2, 2010

Launch of Dominique Wavre’s Mirabaud

Jean-Guy Python / Mirabaud.

The Mirabaud, skippered by Dominique Wavre, has finally returned to her natural element in La Rochelle after a three month refit. The navigator is now ready to start fine tuning his boat in preparation for the Barcelona World Race which will kick off on 31st December.

August 2, 2010 - After several months of work, the Mirabaud was launched yesterday in the port of La Rochelle. “It’s a day we’ve all been looking forward to impatiently", commented skipper Dominique Wavre. "The whole team has been working flat out at the yard for over three months. Today, we are all very proud and satisfied with the work achieved on the Mirabaud!"

The recent sponsorship by Mirabaud has enabled Wavre to carry out an impressive programme of improvements on the boat. The keel head has been replaced along with numerous modifications aimed at improving the balance, hence the performance of the boat. Moreover a new chart table has been designed and a new, lighter engine has been installed.

Totally renovated, Mirabaud is now ready to begin a series of adjustments and training sessions with a view to her next competitive campaign. Indeed Dominique Wavre and Michèle Paret have planned to head offshore in the coming days. In doing so, the two navigators will have the opportunity to get their bearings aboard the boat after several months on the quayside; making decisions on the various modifications to be carried out.

"The boat is absolutely fantastic" revels Antonio Palma, Associate and CEO at Mirabaud: "We are extremely satisfied with how the refit has gone and we are now delighted to be in a position to begin the active phase of our campaign with a view to our participation in the Barcelona World Race 2010-11. Dominique, Michèle and Mirabaud will take our colours around the world! It’s the start of a great adventure."