Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mackenzie 8 Metre World Championships

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Results - Day 2
15 knots of breeze, clear skies and sunshine - a perfect third racing day for the Mackenzie 8 Metre World Championship

Toronto, Ontario, August 24, 2010 - Toronto delivered perfect late summer sailing conditions for the third day of racing at the Mackenzie 8 Metre World Championships - the 8 Metres showed both their true beauty and strength! With two metre swells and 15 knots of easterly breeze, the sailors raced two nearly 10 mile races today. " It was a hard day of sailing but a lot of fun", says Rob Roy, North American 8 Metre Class President. Lafayette of Great Britain is at the top of the leader board with a first and a second in the races today. In the classic division, RCYC's Raven placed 5th today overall, with a 5th in both races - defeating two of the modern boats. This is a great accomplishment for a classic boat in 15 knots of wind. "Raven sailed extremely well today in the big breeze. They had a great day", said Rob Roy. More @