Sunday, August 29, 2010

Knickerbocker Cup :Tiller shuts out Tunnicliffe in classic match race

Day 3 at the 2010 Knickerbocker Cup was a day filled with protest flags, aggressive racing and some photo finishes that kept spectators eyes glued to the race course. In a first to three Quarter Finals, Phil Robertson, Waka Racing (NZL) shut down Dave Perry, Team Perry (USA) 3-0, but it took the full five matches to determine the other three who would move on to the semi-finals.. It was Eugeniy Neugodikov, Synergy (RUS) over Sally Barkow, Team 7 Racing (USA) , Bill Hardesty, (USA) ousting Taylor Canfield, Team ISV (ISV), and William Tiller, Full Metal Jacket Racing (NZL) over Anna Tunnicliffe, Gus (USA).

The Tiller-Tunnicliffe matches were one for the record books. With one match abandoned because of a 90 degree wind shift, and Tiller’s red flag which was denied, the stage was set.. The first two matches had Tiller and Tunnicliffe at 1-1. Anna took the third match and it looked like she was set to go to the semis when Tiller got a penalty in the prestart and had Tunnicliffe leading by 15 boats lengths on the windward leg, The downwind leg had Tiller catching Tunnicliffe and passing her as she sailed into less pressure. It was now Tiller with a 10 boat length boat lead and he took the match with a delta of over a minute. The fifth match had Tiller just ahead of Tunnicliffe at the start, but lost the lead at the windward mark. By the time the two reached the leeward mark, Tiller squeezed inside and it was classic match racing. With the finish line looming ahead, the two were neck and neck, covering each other. Then Tunnicliffe tacked over, slowing down and Tiller inched ahead. Tunnicliffe still looked like she could take the match, but right at the finish line, Tiller protested her for not giving room, the upmpires upheld the protest. Goodbye Tunnicliffe.

The stakes are high for Hardesty and Tiller, the two remaining in contention for the East Coast Trifecta. The semi-finals have Tiller vs. Robertson and Hardesty vs. Neugodnikov. Both have tough matches ahead of them, and even at this late date, one can’t predict who might take the prize. With the forecast calling for very light wind on Sunday, the Race Committee is starting early to take advantage of the predicted early wind.

By end of day, the 2010 Knickerbocker C up will have their champion and the East Coast Trifecta will be crowned. The winner of the Knickerbocker Cup receives automatic entry into the Argo Gold Cup in Bermuda and the winner of the Trifecta gets to compete in the Congressional Cup, the only grade one match racing event in the US.

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The Colgate 26 is the official boat of the 2010 Knickerbocker Cup.

Andrea Watson

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Results after the Quarter Finals:

Phil Robertson (NZL) 3-0
Eugeniy Neugodnikov (RUS) 3-2
Bill Hardesty (USA) 3-2
William Tiller (NZL) 3-2
Anna Tunnicliffe (USA) 2-3
Taylor Canfield (ISV) 2-3
Sally Barkow (USA) 2-3
Dave Perry (USA) 0-3
Results after the Full Round Robin:
Phil Robertson (NZL) 9-2
Eugeniy Neugodnikov RUS 9-2
Bill Hardesty (USA) 8-3
Anna Tunnicliffe (USA) 7-4
William Tiller (NZL) 7-4
Taylor Canfield (ISV) 6-5
Sally Barkow (USA) 5-6
Dave Perry (USA) 4-7
Reuben Corbett (NZL) 3-8
Henrique Haddad (BRA) 3-8
Sergey Musikhin (RUS) 3-8
Nicolai Sehested (DEN) 2-9