Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Conspiracy Theory: La Copa America

It's easy to see what is happening in the America's Cup as Cayard signs up with the new Argentina/Spanish team backed by Siemens and a few rich Argentines. You have to wonder what Cayard will do. Will this new team sign up for the Cup or will they wait on the sidelines until his business partner in the World Sailing League (WLS) (Russell Coutts) takes a few more shots at Alinghi in the American courts? There is no doubt that there is a common thread in the whole thing when you read the Juan K interview on the Valencia Sailing Blog about the future of the Cup and how multi hulls will become the new choice for the Cup. Bertarelli knows that it is a matter of time before the other Cup team beats him at his own game. Hence all the changes with the rules that give him the best odds at defending the Cup. Don't forget who is putting together the WSL as is mentioned on Cayard's website after the last TP52event: "This event was organized by Lagos Sports of Lisbon, who intend to get more involved with high profile sailing in the coming years, including the World Sailing League, which is the project Russell Coutts and I have been working on."
When you start connecting
the dots you see where the money is and who really is running the Cup...or is it all part of a big, and very well scripted plan?