Tuesday, August 21, 2007

TP52 update from Mr. Cayard

Photo ThMatinez

Photo Diego
TP52 Portimao, Portugal
We had three races today in 16 to 28 knots. Top speeds of 22 knots were seen by all boats on the runs. With the offshore breeze, the sea was flat and the sky was clear and sunny. It was a beautiful day for the 19 boats here in Portimao.

The winner of the day was Valle Romano-Mean Machine with a 7th and two firsts. Second of the day was Artemis with Russell Coutts as tactician with a 2, 3 and a 5. Third was CaixaGalicia with John Knostecki as tactician with a 3, 4 and 10.

It was important to keep the boat upright during the gybes and almost everyone broached at least once. We had a decent day on Windquest with a 10, 7 and 8 for 25 points, 8th overall. The fleet is tightly bunched in scoring with Siemens/Matador in 6th with 24 points and Stay Calm in 9th with 27 points.

It was a long day with the third race finishing at 1800. All the teams are still on their boats drying out the insides, folding sails, checking the rigs and it is 1915.

It all starts again tomorrow with the first warning at 1300. The forecast is for a bit less wind.
For complete results go to http://www.medcup.org/