Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Paul Cayard reports on MedCup

MedCup - Copa del Rey, Race Day 2 from Paul Cayard
Another hard fought day out on the TP 52 course... they all will be! Three races were sailed on the bay of Palma de Majorca in winds as light as 6 knots up to 14 knots in the last one.
Good day overall for us on Siemens/Matador with all top five finishes of 2, 3, 5. Artemis with Russell Coutts as tactician, had the best day with a 5, 1, 1. Mutua Madrilena of Vasco Vascotto, who had the lead after yesterday, had two mid fleet finishes and one first place.

Overall: Siemens 14, Mutua Madrilena 26, Artemis 27.

The races are extreemly competitive and every error costs a couple of places. Tomorrow will be a coastal race with a mid point scoring gate as well as the finish of course.
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