Friday, August 31, 2007

Super Flash

FLASH GORDON, Helmut Jahn, first in Race 8 Copenhagen, 31 08 2007 Rolex Farr 40 World Championship Flash Gordon ©Photo:ROLEX/Carlo Borlenghi
In the third race today, a windward/leeward course of five legs, finishing upwind, Helmut Jahn's Flash Gordon (USA), was launched at the start and led at every mark, fighting off Barking Mad to finishing in front. Jahn has been in the Farr 40 class for over seven years, and sails with his son Evan; Helmut steering on the upwind legs and Evan downwind, which today proved a winning combination. Jahn said, “We had the feeling we had a breakthrough this time because we've really been training a lot and the crew has been working together for a long time and it didn't just click that well. You know how that is, you can try and try but if it doesn't happen, you can only push yourself so much. Today, it probably came easier, it's always easier when things go well.
Our problem has been the starts, in five races we were over (the line) three times and we fought our way back, (gaining back) thirteen boats total in both races. In the one race we lost about 8 boats at the finish because we tried to cover both sides and we should have covered one side. But today we got out in front and stayed in front. You can call your own race, your race is not dictated by someone else.” -