Sunday, September 2, 2007

Campioni Del Mondo

Mascalzone becomes the 2nd team to win the Rolex Farr 40 Worlds twice (Jim Richardson's Barking Mad is the other), though the Italian team is the first to do it back to back. Dockside the team was presented with the Farr 40 World Champion trophy, sprayed with champagne and all crew members treated to a dunking in the chilly water off the Royal Danish Yacht Club marina. Onorato, dripping wet and beaming, said, "I feel wonderful. Mascalzone first, Alinghi second. It's my dream. Next dream is to do that in the America's Cup maybe.

He continued, "Winning and defending the Worlds is just a matter of luck maybe. The secret was just to be relaxed. It is just a sail race and you must stay relaxed all the time. When things are happy you must not be so happy. When things are wrong you must not be so unhappy. This is the secret to be successful at the end. I have wonderful people on board. This world championship does not belong to me but to them. Because I have this wonderful crew we won and with this wonderful crew we will win again and I sincerely mean that."