Friday, September 21, 2007

Oracle tells Alinghi to stick it!

"We welcome some new points, but the changes are largely cosmetic and do not address the central issues," Tom Ehman, head of external affairs at BMW Oracle told Reuters by email.
Asked if the US team would drop its court case and challenge under the new protocol, he said: "No, not based on yesterday's amendments."
He particularly argued that Alinghi could still change the rules at any time with the challenger of record, a new Spanish yacht club BMW Oracle has called "a sham".
He also said Alinghi were effectively still able to disqualify any competitor who disagreed with the protocol. Alinghi has said any team up for disqualification would be able to appeal to the arbitration panel.
"This should be resolved by negotiating face to face," Ehman said. "So far Alinghi have rejected our offers to try to negotiate a settlement through mediation."

You have to love the media stunt these too are making! -SK