Monday, September 24, 2007

Pedal to the metal for Full Throttle

DETROIT MELGES 24 US NATIONALS - Yet another day of warm, 8-12 knot breeze, Brian Porters Full Throttle team held off World Champion Dave Ullman, helming Scott Holmgrens Rosebud. We were 1-2 at Worlds, we were 1-2 at North Americans, and now were 1-2 here, with Brian getting the win. Ullman said. Those guys are just so fast and so good ­ theyre always solid.

Porter's crew included Melges Performance Sailboats President Harry Melges III and VP Andy Burdick, also from Lake Geneva, Wis. We felt like we had a speed edge all weekend. Melges said. Porter was very impressed with the difficulty of the racing conditions. There was just no predictability at all to the wind shifts, the new Champion said. The lake would just fake you out in between regular shifts, and the only solution was speed.