Monday, September 10, 2007

Whatever it takes to win! Hasso & Larson

Final and controversial day at Maxi Rolex Cup - Yachting World

Stephen Ainsworth, the owner of Loki describes what happened:
"It started just after the start and went on for forty miles," a frustrated Ainsworth complained. "There was a little turning mark just a mile or two after the start and we were coming up to it and thought, 'what's happening here with Morning Glory, they're coming back towards us'. Then we realised what they were up to; they were just coming back to sit in our face. And that's what they did for the rest of the race…just to give us as much gas as they could…it would have been nice if Hasso Plattner had the confidence in his boat and crew to take us on, on the water…but he didn't do that."

All down the long downwind leg on the outside of the islands, Morning Glory would roll up its gennaker and turn back towards the wind, positioning itself to weather of Loki before unfurling the big sail in a blanketing position over the smaller boat, slowing her down, and allowing the rest of the fleet to scoot away. At the end of the day, Loki would finish fifth, Morning Glory sixth, and Plattner would claim the prize.

We had to make sure that our competition would not win the race," Plattner explained. "So we gave them a cover and made sure that we stayed on time behind. It was not that easy, especially downwind, but I think we achieved it." -

I know that this is totally fair to do in a race because I have done it once a long time ago crewing for someone that thinks the same way. I did'nt agree with him. But these days tactician are paid to win at any expense! Not surprising that Hasso would go along with such a thing. - SK