Wednesday, September 5, 2007

One Happy Chap

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Quadriplegic sailor, Geoff Holt sets the record as the first disabled person to successfully sail around Great Britain, a 1400 mile voyage he describes as his 'Personal Everest'. Geoff left Southampton on 20th May this year, sailing every day that weather has allowed. Geoff had hoped to complete the voyage in around 60 days, but this summer's inclement weather has hampered his progress and he has been weatherbound in several ports, causing his passage to take longer than anticipated.

Hampshire based Geoff, aged 41, was paralysed as the result of a swimming accident at only 18 years of age. Since his accident, despite being paralysed from the breast line down and wheelchair bound, Geoff has taken every opportunity to go to sea in his Challenger trimaran dinghy. Sponsorship from law firm, Blake Lapthorn Tarlo Lyons, allowed Geoff to achieve his dream of putting together a round Great Britain project this year.

Rotary International members around Great Britain have helped the team in ports of call and Geoff has been raising funds for Sailability, the Royal Yachting Association charity which helps to give disabled people the opportunity to go sailing.