Sunday, April 6, 2008

BVI Spring Regatta

BVI Yacht Shots
With winds of 22 – 25, it was a little less breezy as the 128-boat fleet set sail for the second day of competition at the BVI Spring Regatta.

In Spinnaker Racing A, Storm continues to dominate the scoreboard. But the crew on the current second place boat, UK’s Richard Matthew’s Humpheys 42, Oystercatcher XXVI, is having fun anyway. “It’s been a beautiful day,” says John Munns, navigator and skipper.

Dave West, a Great Lakes sailor who transplants to the BVI six months of the year, saw the Trinidad-based Melges 32, Crash Test Dummies, last year, and decided he had to have one. Dubbing his Melges 32 Jurakan, after the Taino God of wind, West admitted the blustery gusts didn’t bother him, his crew or his boat any. Read more...