Monday, April 28, 2008

Quantum Physics

Terry Hutchinson, Quantum Racing Skipper
Quantum Racing are back in 2008 with a full scale attack on the elusive top step of the Audi MedCup Circuit podium.

Terry Hutchinson, tactician on Steve and Fred Howe's Warpath in 2006, will not only skipper but will also steer the new Botin & Carkeek design which is rapidly nearing completion at Chimo Lopez's Longitute Zero at Burriano near Castellon.

Quantum Sails' President Ed Reynolds will have much the same job as he had with both Warpath and Lexus Quantum, taking an overall view of the project when in build, and then becoming coach and manager during the competition phase.

"Longitude Zero do an amazing job. There were a couple of reasons we choose to build in Spain. Designers Botin & Carkeek have lot of experience with the builders, and it was less expensive to build in Europe than in New Zealand or the United States. This is not true now - with the Euro being so strong."says Reynolds.

The new boat should be ready in mid-April. Reynolds says it will be a very different boat to the last generation of Botin & Carkeek designs: "I think this will be a pretty dramatic departure. It is much more of a bigger boat concept with a higher prismatic coefficient, lower wetted surface aft and more flare, simply put a 'big' TP52." -