Sunday, April 20, 2008


JOE FLY and BARKING MAD mark rounding - ROLEX/Daniel Forster
This is what happend: Last day Farr 40 Worlds

The day initially lined up as an all-Italian battle pitting defending champion Mascalzone Latino (ITA), the leader of the series since the first race, against Joe Fly (ITA), the second-place, well-sailed boat. In reality Barking Mad (USA) became part of the winner's fate when it was fouled by Joe Fly during the first mark rounding of race nine (Saturday's first race). Mascalzone rounded in the same group and filed a protest against Joe Fly.

Barking Mad tactician Terry Hutchinson explained, “From my perspective, we were fouled by Joe Fly at the top mark. We did not protest them because we did not want to be... It is tough racing, It's hard enough. You get into these situations and I think Mascalzone and Joe Fly were having a good regatta against each other. Mascalzone Latino witnessed the infringement (against Barking Mad) and they were within their rights to file a third party against them in the situation. That leaves the umpires to decide the decision.”

In the end, the international jury - chaired by Tom Ehman - decided in Mascalzone's favor and disqualified Joe Fly, giving the win to Mascalzone, and dropping Joe Fly to second overall for the championship. -