Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Onboard comments: 01/04/2008 - 18:00 - Flat out on a reach

'It is the third night at sea in over 30 knots of wind, the anemometer even witnessing peaks at 35/38 knots. It is the third ink black night where the water is constantly drenching both the deck and the crew. The rewards are good for the speedo though, the latter never seeming to drop below 20/22 knots, despite the big, messy seas and a trajectory as straight as a die, which is saving us miles with each hour that passes. This trajectory was a daring option, others wouldn’t have attempted it. We could have made do with a tradewind glide towards Hawaii, but Captain Lionel, still fabulously supported by Sylvain Mondon of Météo France, chose this course which is a shade lively to say the least. Since the start, we have been making a series of 'reaching de la mort' manoeuvres. So what exactly is this? Nicolas Raynaud