Friday, October 24, 2008

Bad day at the office... TP52 Worlds 2008

Update from Paul Cayard TP52 Worlds-

Terrible day for El Desafio today with a 13, 10. The wind was 15-20 knots from 000 to 020, very shifty and puffy. In both races we struggled to play the shifts.

Quantum is showing superior sailing skill really. Their boat is fast but so is ours. Today they scored a 1, 3. They are just sailing smart and doing it consistently and it is paying off big. No one else is even close really.

Mutua Madrilena had the second best day with a 6,5 and they are in second place in the regatta even after two very mediocre coastal races. So you can see that apart from Quantum, the fleet is mixing a lot in their results.

Tomorrow is the last day and two races are scheduled. The forecast is calling for similar conditions to today. With a great day and some help we could finish third. That is what we have to be shooting for.

Top 5:1. Quantum 282. Mutua Madrilena 433. Artemis 52.254. Platoon 585. Matador 62.25
El Desafio is 6th with 66.25.

For complete scores and more information go to:

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