Thursday, October 30, 2008

Just scan it...

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Using your sail photo, SailScan digitally measures sail shape at key intervals and plots sail curvature at specified wind speeds.

Get better sail shape by digitizing your sails!
A picture says a thousand words. Using a photo of your sail, a North sails consultant can make a quick visual assessment of the sail, but the photo can also be put through a more rigorous analysis using North Sails' proprietary SailScan™ software.

SailScan digitally analyzes photos of sails, providing fast and accurate measurements of critical sail shape characteristics such as chord depth, draft position, entry and exit angles, and twist. If your sail was made by North, your consultant can digitally compare your current sail's flying shape with the sail's original designed shape (mold).

Sailscan then compares the current flying shape of the sail with its original design files and quantifies the amount and location of any changes in shape.

From there, your consultant can recommend the best way to maintain your sail's peak performance over a longer period of time, whether it involves trim adjustments, rig adjustments or recutting the sail.

Digital images can be sent by e-mail to your North Sails sail consultant. Photographic prints are also usable for SailScan analysis. For more tips on photographing your sails Click Here