Wednesday, October 29, 2008


My husband has been acting most strangely for the past week. He works from home and has his one office he seems to de getting very depressed lately.

He's locked in there for hours at a time, we use to go to the pub four or five times a week. The other day he came screaming out off his office something about he had broken a sale? I thought it was something to do with his work. Then the other night it was 3 am before he came to bed, moaning all night about the forecast being late again. I haven't seen him for two days just passing from his office to the bathroom and back. All I get from him is those sodden doldrums. I just cannot stand it anymore.

He mumbled something (in passing in the early hours off the morning) about Il de femando de noronha and cape town, I asked him if we were going there for a holiday but he said ‘you just don't understand’.
To top the lot I went to bed last night and caught him in bed with another laptop - I just don't know what to do and IM OFF TO MY MOTHER. Help me!
-Fair winds and calm seas to you all‘pipers song’ out

From ‘Camisoleair’ to Pipers Song’s wife.

I don't think anyone on here has much energy left to offer the emotional support you need. You see, every single one of us had new babies some 12 days ago (indeed some people have had triplets and even quins).

They wake up every 10 mins and need all kinds of careful attention, you leave them alone for a couple of hours to get some sleep and they get into all kinds of mischief. You can't get to sleep because you're worrying about the babies.

Some people are using their entire families to watch over their babies. The stress and anxiety (and rows) that have occurred if something has gone wrong with the baby on a watch is causing all kinds of rows.

And there have been some really weird bugs going around. Some are genuine but some people think their baby has got a bug and it hasn't - it's just the baby being, well a baby. Then they start worrying they might catch a bug and so sit up half the night on the off chance they might catch it.
If I were you, I'd get to mothers as soon as possible. If you stay much longer, you'll find yourself with a baby of your own to worry about. Or worse still, looking after your husbands.
-Camisoleair out

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