Saturday, October 4, 2008

Maltese Falcon gets hit...

Photos by and story Peter Lyons:

Okay... reviewing my own pics, the smaller vessel did not round up. They tacked. I wasn't really paying attention to them much; I knew they were there, they were close but all was well, then the all of a sudden here they come. It looked at first like they would be hit by MF, not the other way around. That would have made their day far worse. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I just grabbed a camera and started shooting.

The smaller boat was on a starboard tack and MF was on port at the time of impact. I guess those dudes on the smaller boat just didn't see it. I really have no idea how else they could have put themselves there. The smaller boat did not put down sails after the accident, either.

They fled. First toward the Bay Bridge, then towards Richmond. It was 20 minutes before the Falcon caught up with the other vessel. They gave five blasts. The smaller boat held course under full sail still. That's when the CG arrived and told the other boat to take her sails down. They took it from there. - Peter