Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Blowout - Megles 24 NA Championships

North American Championships - IM24CA -

Getting windier… - by Justin

With the conditions prevailing in Annapolis right now best described as ‘fresh to frightening’ and most of the competitors wisely contenting themselves with final preparations, sail measurement and general boat faff, a few hardy teams have ventured on to the water.

Giovanni Maspero’s Italian Joe Fly team told me that the conditions for their hour long sail were pretty extreme. ‘It is too windy really to be racing. Going down wind it was blowing around thirty when we hoisted. We nosedived several times and there was no chance of trying a gybe so we just managed a panic drop before struggling back upwind.’ My view is if these guys think it’s too windy then we can all safely assume that it really is.

Stuart McVay’s team on USA 620 Erica also tried their hand and after a short but spectacular screaming reach managed they too fought their way back up wind. Bravely venturing to the end of the pontoons in the interests of journalism we managed to shoot this long range video of them coming back. -http://blog.melges24.com/?cat=3