Thursday, December 11, 2008

35 knots.. Greet Superyacht Cup

Photo by Claire Matches
Blue skies, black clouds, sunshine and rain all in one afternoon for the first day of racing at The Superyacht Cup Antigua. The forecast turned out to be pretty acurate, predicting 17 – 20 knots with occasional squalls, but no one really expected squalls on every leg, and winds to reach over 35 knots on several occasions during the two and a half hour race. The Bruce King designed 35m ketch, Signe who started first, cleverly maintained their position to lead the fleet round the course and convincingly take the Ship Equip race 1.

Helmed by Captain Alistair Marshall, Signe showed clear signs of taking the racing very seriously; “It seemed a great shame to interrupt everyone with multiple tacks - we were enjoying our sandwiches on the last windward leg, so heading out to sea on one long tack was the logical move. A lucky wind shift on our final tack back to the finish helped us to stay ahead and finish just over 3 minutes infront of Timoneer.” Read more @