Friday, December 19, 2008

Update from Denis Horeau, Race Director Vendée Globe.

Denis Horeau: “ The Frigate from Australian Royal Navy left Perth around 1800 UTC, it’s a big ship 118 m long with more than a 100 crew on board. It was confirmed that there’s no helicopter on board. The two well known and competent skippers that were due to embark could not get on, so the people on board so the crew are strictly entirely military.

The boat’s ETA is now 1400hrs GMT tomorrow (Saturday) and so it has been able to go quicker than first expected. The Australians are very determined to accomplish this military mission, to save Yann Elies, and in the history of the Vendée Globe they have always been very proven very diligent and competent when it comes to saving lives.

Marc Guillemot arrived late yesterday evening beside Yann Elies. They talked via VHF, and his mission, that of emotional assistance, is working very well.

Marc has tried twice to get close to Yann to throw him packages of water, medication, bread and pate. He really wants to boost the morale of his friend who’s in difficulty, and Marc plans to stay there until the end of this problem. He will not give up. Marc will not stop contacting Yann.”
“Sam Davies is on her way as well, quite fast, with strong winds of near 35 knots, and she will arrive tonight. So we will have two boats to bring morale and psychogical support to Yann Elies. Any physical helps seems to be difficult if not impossible.”

“Meantime we are trying to assess the planning with the Royal Australian Navy, how will they operate and what will happen exactly in coordination with David Adams in Australia and Alain Gautier here with us in Paris and others are trying to work out the best strategy.” -