Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Puma Racing: Large Cluster of Squalls

Photo Puma Raciing
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Puma Ocean Racing - Blog Entry:
There is an old saying "be careful what you wish for." We have to wonder if that thought is going through the crew's heads right now. The weather for today is another slow day, typical of this leg so far. Light winds in addition to an unfavorable current...there is a good chance we have some grumpy sailors out there. When the wind does begin to increase (it's expected to fill in from the ENE) it will come in the form of a tough headwind.
There will be stronger breeze to the North with lighter conditions in the South. The northern boats will have an advantage because they'll be able to pick the breeze up earlier than the boats to the South of them. And just when the guys were hoping for more wind, they really will get a lot of it. There is a large cluster of squalls to the ENE of the fleet that they will continue to deal with throughout Wednesday. The squalls are expected to carry gusts of 40 -50 plus knots. Here is your wind boys, have fun while it lasts. The squall threat is expected to diminish late in the week, but the ENE headwind will continue.Happy sailing PUMA! -