Monday, December 15, 2008

The Natives Are Restless

Thibault Vergoz Photo - Chemineess Poujulat Aground on the cost of Port Aux Francais Avec Des Elephants de Mer.
A delicate and carefully executed operation re-floated Bernard Stamm’s stricken Cheminées Poujoulat early this morning off Portes de Francais in the Kergulen Islands.

Both Stamm and his compatriot Dominique Wavre – skipper of Temenos II which was also forced to take refuge there to effect repairs – had to jump into Cheminée Poujoulat’s liferaft at the last minute before the Open 60 was driven ashore in 45 knot winds late on Sunday night. They were taken ashore by Navy divers.

The refloating operation took three hours and involved maneuvering with a truck, the supply vessel Marion Dufresnes of the Territorre Austral et Antartartic Francais and a team of divers.
“This morning it took us almost three hours to get the boat off with the help of the Marion Dufresnes and all the teams did a great job. Now the boat is afloat, but I don't think she can sail. We're waiting to see what Bernard Stamm wants to do. Yesterday evening, he was completely dispirited about leaving his boat. It really got to him. I think that after a night's sleep, which was very short and probably not very restful, he is feeling a little better this morning.” Said Frederic Martineau of TAAF.
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