Friday, August 22, 2008

J22 WORLDS - Another day at the office...

Team Jabulani Sailing- By Edgar Westerhuys
First race again a floater even though there was more wind than the first race on Wednesday, we sailed the same bugger result; below 6 knots is just not our cup of tea. Bullshit of course, other teams have the same chop and light breeze but simply have beter sarts and go faster than we do.. anyway, other teams from the top ten also sailed double digits this first race today but we were not pleased!

2nd and 3rd race of today went much better with a 27 and a 25: the wind picked up again to 13 to 14 knots, we had very good boat speed and better starts got us in the top quarter but DA** what are these guys in the US sailing fast… think in Europe you sail fast? come sail overhere..

We are at 27th place overall now:
Top 20 is still the goal for us, as I write this the Chicken BBQ has started so I better hurry up. Morale is still high, we are a great team; all of us have their frustating times now and then but we manage to keep each other positive and sharp; we just wanna sail fast&#$%FAST and win races but top 20 is the best we can get for now, we push for more though! Tomorrow and Sunday there will be more breeze and that should help us.

Our boat USA 1503 RUG BURN is perfect, couldnt be better, its us who have to make it go faster.. we will go shopping tonight in one of the massve malls overhere and prob drink some GTs before we hit the camper-van beds!

JST out from Rochester YC.