Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Speed: 24 knots, Course: 195 deg

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Day 5: Ian Walker on board Green Dragon Racing -
Position: 54,9.15N , 16,22.1W Speed: 24 knots, Course: 195 deg

Hi, just a quick update.

We have made pretty good progress despite taking it easy overnight. We have 560 miles to go, so we are pushing out into the stronger winds to get them over and done with.

It is hard to believe how much you can learn after just four days of sailing in these conditions, as a result we can be so much better prepared for the next trip. We have been really lucky during this qualifier to have had such strong winds and big waves to test both the boat and ourselves, it has certainly given us so much to build on when we get back.

The lads are having fun on deck now - they have 25 knots of wind, rolling waves, a fractional reaching chute up with full main and they have been told to go 'whichever direction they want as long as it is fast'! They will love cashing in on these conditions.

All being well we should average over 20 knots from here on, which will put us back in Cork around lunchtime tomorrow. But we have up to 40 knots forecast in the next 24 hours, so we will have to exercise some caution.

The Green Dragon is in good spirits and very happy to be nearer to Ireland than Iceland!

Ian W -