Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wally and Dynamic Stability Systems

Wally forms technological partnership with Dynamic Stability Systems (DSS)

This innovative system is based on hydrodynamic foils that slide through the hull increasing performance and stability, improving comfort, reducing displacement and draft.

After having tested DSS and being the first company to try it, Wally immediately adopted it because it is very effective and at the same time simple and safe, without affecting the interior volumes like other systems to improve stability do.

Wally R&D and DSS have been working closely over two years to develop a new 150 footer (45 meter), a new 100 footer (30 meter) as well as the retrofit of an existing Wally 94.

This technological collaboration has produced breakthrough projects perfectly reflecting the Wally concept to have simple, fast, stylish, safe and comfortable super yachts. -