Sunday, August 17, 2008

Winner of the Puma Sailing Gear Shirt

This is why Greg deserved to be the big winner! Sponsored by Point Loma Outfitting.

Hello Sailkarma,

I think I deserve some puma gear simply because of my awful luck this summer. I'm a naval arch. student at the University of Michigan, interning at Goetz Custom Boats in Rhode Island. Of course, none of that is really unlucky, but rather on the contrary. The unfortunate part is starting the internship only a few weeks after the Il Mostro built left the shop. I've tried to get onto the beast multiple times but every time I'm denied with, 'Sorry, should have started working for Goetz a bit earlier'. To add to that, all the free Puma gear is gone at Goetz. I can only hope winning this contest will change things around.