Wednesday, August 20, 2008

J22 Worlds Update

By Edgar Westerhuys - Team Jabulani

Pffew, its not going to be easy this week… thats what can be said after the practise race. OK start, right side looked favoured but left won, we werent there.. Only 6 knots of wind with hugehuge waves: Monday night a cold front passed with heavy thunder & lightning (everything is BIG in the US) which had created a big swell from the North, Tuesday morning the front had passed but the waves were still there.. difficult stearing, difficult trimming. Anyway, good to be out there, half of the fleet didnt sail the practise race, and the other half didnt make the start in time but it was good to get on the way.

The Opening Ceremony afterwards was great, the Maire, Commodore, PRO (Principle Race Officer), Club President, Worlds President; they all had something to say AFTER the shot of the gun, hoisting of the US flag and the US anthom. What a great organization, more than 50 or 60 volunteers to have this whole thing run smoothly. In one word, excellent. Good food and free drinks will be the call of every day´s happy hour. I´m writing this now in front of our camper van at the clubs premises, wifi all over the place.. Tomorrow first start at 10AM, 3 races scheduled, the same conditions as today.

Keep you posted! - Edgar