Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hello from E4!

Dave Kneale/Volvo Ocean Race
Ericsson 4 - Joca Signorini (Trimmer)

After seven days of wet and fast sailing and with some really cold days, things start to change. Today we arrive at the Doldrums and the last eight hours has been really painful with lots of clouds and light winds. We are now trying to keep moving and waiting to see what happens with the others. They still have good winds and are getting close to us again. The only good thing about the clouds was that most of our crew could have a shower today and put on new clothes after an intense week on board.

The distance to the finish shows 9,500 miles to go and we are close to crossing the equator for the third time on the race. Everybody is still trying to not count the days but our pace since the start was really good. It’s crazy when you stop and think that we still have close to 30 days to go... But that’s what makes this race and this leg very special. Even more for me that we will be arriving at my home town!

Today is the second day of the Carnival in Brazil. At some places the fire fighters use the hose to refresh all the people who are dancing and singing at the streets. Yesterday night our deck was like that, but the pressure of the water was hurting some times.

Good winds, Joca