Monday, February 23, 2009

Road trip...

By Paul Cayard

Two inches of rain fell today here in Kentfield where I live. That is GOOD. We NEED it. But it does make the mind wander. I am going to check the weather in Miami.

2009 is off and running. Well, maybe walking or crawling is a better characterization.With the current economic recession, entries at Key West Race Week were down 60% and with the America's Cup still tied up in the New York courts, many of us pro sailors are finding plenty of time on our hands to work on our houses and clean our bikes.

I'm feeling the need for a little tune up on my sailing skills so I have made a plan to sail in two great regattas in my Star. First will be the Bacardi Cup in Coconut Grove in early March. I will follow that up with the Western Hemisphere Championship in Pass Christian, Mississippi in late March. Bacardi Cup always has between 70 and 90 boats on that beautiful Biscayne Bay race course that many of us know so well, so that should be great racing.

Austin Sperry, a great crew and friend will be guiding me like a seeing eye dog. Austin is very current in the Star Class having just represented the USA at the Olympics last summer with his father in-law, John Dane.

I have so much time on my hands that I am going to drive my boat out to Miami. Austin's Dad, Brooks, will be riding shotgun for the trip out. No word yet on how he is going to get back. Maybe he wants to drive the boat back! Better not be too greedy. Seriously, I am kind of looking forward to the drive across our great country. Haven't done it in 20 years. There are some very cool sights along the way.

Enough with power-washing the house. Time to untie the lines and get out on the water.