Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The maxi trimaran Groupama 3 relaunched

Just a year ago, Franck Cammas and his nine crew capsized 80 miles off New Zealand following the breakage of Groupama 3s port float. 24 hours ahead of the reference time set by the current Jules Verne Trophy record holder when the incident occurred, the crew was airlifted to safety by helicopter before heading back to the zone to rescue Groupama 3.

Remaining true to its commitment for over 10 years alongside Franck Cammas and his team, Groupama Management renewed its trust in the project by taking the decision to set off again on the assault of the Jules Verne Trophy as soon as possible."The adventure we've been involved in with Franck Cammas since 1997 has comprised some really great moments as well as some difficult periods at times... This capsize doesn't call into question the harmonious collaboration and the trust we have in Franck" stated Frédérique Granado at the time, Director of External Communication.

The true extent of their commitment and solidarity, the mainstays of the principles of action developed by the Group from the start, really became evident in this new challenge...This resourcefulness enabled the trimaran to be returned to France in record time since less than 2 months after the painful episode, Groupama 3 was back in the yard in which it was created in Vannes, Brittany.Ten months in the yard and 50,000 hours of work later, Groupama 3 is returning to its natural element for a 2009 campaign of record attempts, which will take her into the Mediterranean, the Atlantic Ocean and finally around the World in November for the Jules Verne Trophy. -