Sunday, September 21, 2008

EasyRigging... it make you sail faster!

Light, strong, and yes, it will make your boat sail faster! The guys from SmartRigging have succeeded in adapting America's Cup and Ocean racing rigging technology to PBO fiber stays for sailboats and dinghies ranging from 10-35 feet. EasyRigging is specifically designed for sailboats standing rigging, head stays, and aft rigging such as, check stays, runners, etc. on yachts 36-210ft!

EasyRigging has a simple four step production method.

The four steps of production used by EasyRigging, is the most efficient way to produce a cable. Here's a look at that process!

1. Endless winding of the stays
After the required length has been programmed, the rigging computer will calculate the amount of fibers and the number of loops required for the specified cable. During production all fibres are kept in the same tension through the fiber tension control system.

2. Protecting of the stays.
EasyRigging uses a very high quality braided chafe cover impregnated with black wear coating to protect and seal the fibers inside the cable. .

3. Testing the stays
All the produced EasyRigging stays are stretch tested for quality control with a length measurement accuracy of 0,1mm before shipping. This way EasyRigging can check the cable properties. In every shipment there is a stretch test, installation and maintenance certificate.

4. Shipping of the stays
EasyRigging ships all over the world. We only use the well known carriers, like; UPS, TNT, FedEx, DHL e.g. All these carriers use the track and trace system so we can control the delivery schedule. A special heavy duty rigging box has been designed to protect the rigging during transport and storage. All EasyRigging stays are labeled at the top for Easy installation.

EasyRigging is available in 15 sizes to replace: wire 2 to 10 mm, dyform 2,5 to 9 mm and Rod from - 4 to -17.

Now available at APS and West Marine or direct from EasyRigging. For more information on getting your boat rigged with EasyRigging check out their website at