Monday, September 29, 2008

X-Treme 25 - pocket rocket

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The concept
A new racer - a new approach to sailing! With a retractable keel and rudder this 25 racer is holding its own against the best. With an estimated weight of just 850 kg this sportsboat will be easy to transport and can be easily launched and rigged without the use of a crane. In addition, the X-Treme 25 is designed with value for money in mind! The new X-Treme 25 is the ideal combination between a flat-out racer and a fast and easy to sail daysailer.

The design
Designed by the renowned Lutra studio in close co-operation with G-Force Yachts, top performance and easy handling were the ultimate goal whilst creating this sportsboat. The boat can be easily trailed and launched and even short-crewed sailing is not a problem.With a symmetrical spinnaker, 105% jib, a furling code 0 on a fixed bowsprit and spectacular specifications this boat is a high performance racer and at the same time an easy and fun daysailer.With a weight of only 850 kg (excluding sails) this sportsboat is easy to handle and does not require a 4x4 vehicle for transportation. -