Thursday, September 11, 2008

We're finally on our way...

©Mark Covell / Team RussiaPRESS
Team Russia: Position: 47,55.57N , 7,9.43W Speed: 15 knots Course: 258 deg.

Andreas Hanakamp checks in from Kosatka, the Volvo Open 70 on its way to Alicante for the start of the Volvo Ocean Race.

Finally we are off, thanks to an tremendous and incredibly effort by our shore team. Alicante and Volvo Ocean Race, we are coming.The last few days have been a struggle with very adverse conditions, wind and rain namely, preventing the boat from going on its keel after the race refit, while we were in Portland.

As so often when you can't wait for favourable conditions, the English Channel is waiting with a brisk southwesterly. So we are in thirty knots upwind now, already 100 miles past Ushant with the front and the shift shortly ahead.

The boat is greatly improved and seems to thank the attention she got by offering a bit more speed. The second rig is in and gets a thorough test on these 1500 or so miles to Alicante. As we specked the tube slightly different, we will decide in Alicante which rig to race on leg 1.

Routine on board has greatly improved, things are just running a little bit better, so you start feeling its smooth. A great improvement is the amount of Beef Jerkey we have on board. Dried beef, sliced and spiced. Stig introduced it as the right food for wild Danish animals and everyone else loves it.

Rodion is back from the Olympics in the 49er, having his first rough experience. We still have to feed him lots of food as he came back from the games on ultra lightwind weight. As expected he learns quickly and will soon be one of the fastest helmsman on board. -