Thursday, September 25, 2008

Life At The Extreme...

Photo & Article By Jennifer Langille -
Life At The Extreme Demands An Extreme Personality!
My pick for an extremely positive sailing/life role model is Jerry Kirby, crew member of Puma Ocean Racing. Oddly enough, being a sailing fitness enthusiast, caught him on his way to the gym this afternoon. He still indulged me with a lovely conversation about Puma’s pleasure in being apart of the event, having received more exposure than anticipated and some encouraging words for those dismayed with impact the America’s Cup drama has had on the perception of sailing.

For starters, the Volvo Ocean Race is NOT the America’s cup. Jerry reminded me there is not and should not be any comparison. In case folks considered such a though, stop. So for those who only know about sailing through the America’s Cup venue, what are they to expect from this sailing venue. Passion for sailing at its rawest form and an ocean full of personality!

As scenes from last Volvo played on a screen over head, Jerry watched with earnest and huge grin on his face, the passion Jerry carries for this race is infectious. We paused in conversation while he relived the moment and I realized one of the clips was my “pick-up video” for when you have “one of those days.” Jerry Kirby has the perfect attitude and personality for this level of sailing, but for the sport as a whole. One knows he tackles life the same way and it was a treat to catch him today. To be reminded that in the shadows of sailing is this incredible race around the world, with participants possessing incredible personalities and a passion for one thing. The purest sailing experience possible.

So while Alinghi and BMW Oracle duke it out, why get caught up in the negative drama? Right now, here in Alicante the start of a new story is getting ready, think of the next two weeks like reading a Prelude to a great novel. Chapter one starts on October 13th but till then, there is much to be sorted! Including an import race on the 4th. I broke the ice with a familiar face today, but Jerry Kirby is not the only positively spirited sailor here packed with personality. No time to be shy in Alicante...

Media, media, media.... - Jenn