Sunday, September 14, 2008

Soling World Championship

Photos by Frank Ormstad
Soling World Championship in Scarlino Tuscany. First day of racing in tough conditions. Germans Koch-Koch-Borneman in command.

Maremma, Marina di Scarlino September 14th 2008 – First day of racing at the Soling World Championship in Scarlino in Tuscany. Forty teams from 17 nations faced off in trying conditions with a southerly wind of 14 knots gusting to 25, rough seas with waves up to 2 meters (6 feet) and squalls mixing with partially sunny skies. The fleet put on an unforgettable show with some of the Solings surfing or broaching on the run as the squall line crossed the race course with the Island of Elba and Montecristo serving as a backdrop.

At the end of the first day after 2 races German Roman Koch (GER300) is at the top of the leaderboard (1-4),followed by the Swiss team led by Erik Dannesboe (5-1) and Hungarian Wossala in third position (3-3). Best of the Italians Michele Tognozzi (ITA 194), from Maremma (25th).

The opening ceremony took place at the Disco Tartana yesterday evening and Alessandra Sensini, Italian windsurf Olympic champion presided over the inauguration. This outstanding athlete born and raised in Maremma has just won Olympic silver in Quindao, China, her fourth Olympic medal. Later athletes and their families from Germany, Austria, United States of America, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Denmark, France, Hungary, Slovenia, Great Britain, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Nederland, Norway and Italy enjoyed local food and a selection of wines from the region offered by the Municipality of Scarlino.

The Race Committee fired the start gun a little after 1 p.m. and race 1 was won by German Roman Koch (GER300) World Champion in Castiglione della Pescaia in 2005. Slovenian Bostian Antoncic (SLO1) came in second and Hungarian Georgy Wossala third (HUN77). The second race got underway shortly after3 with the wind having gained in strength. Under a stormy and thunder filled sky Swiss Henrick Dannesboe (SUI 277) cut the finish line, followed by Argentinean Gustavo Warburg (ARG32) and Hungarian Georgy Wossala (HUN77) in third position.

Back on the docks the weary sailors found red wine, beer and pasta awaiting.

Tomorrow two more races are scheduled and in the evening the Club Nautico Scarlino is offering an informal dinner.