Tuesday, November 25, 2008

470 Athlete Tina Lutz

Future 470 Athletes –by 470 E-Times

There are three Girls in the history of the Optimist class to win the World Championship:
Sabrina Landi (ITA) who won Gold on 1987, Lisa Westerhof (NED) who won Gold in 1996 and Tina Lutz (GER) won Gold in 2005 at the age of 14.

Tina, when and where did you start sailing?
I started at my yacht club when I was 8 years old, the Chiemsee Yacht Club in the south of Germany.

What classed did you sail in?
I started sailing an Optimist, and continued in the 420s and 29er with my crew Susann Beucke, Together, we sail 470s now.

When did you start sailing 470 class?
We sail 470s since February 2008, so at the 470 Europeans, were sailing 470s for five months.

What made your decision to choose the 470 class?
Susann and I sailed both the 420s and 29er together. We had to decide weather to continue sailing 29ers or to move to 470s. The 470 class has the Olympic status and we think it’s much more fun to sail than a 29er. The fleets are not that big in 29er, and sailing is not at such a high level like in 470s, so we decide to sail 470s.

What are your biggest achievements in sailing?
The biggest achievement so far was in 2005 when I won the World Championship in the Optimist class, In 2004 I won gold at the Optimist Worlds, but only the girls. I won a lot of German Championships. Last year we became 420 Class Ladies Junior European Champion.

What are your future goals?
We want to sail 470 on professional levels, and some day make it to the Olympics.