Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Jérémie Beyou, the skipper of DELTA DORE, has informed the Race Directors of his decision to retire from the race, believing it is impossible to carry out repairs without without external help;

He was fairly sure that this would be the only possible decision, but needed to check over the rigging once close to land. He wanted to believe it was still possible and put off taking the decision. It was once he was in the port of Recife this morning, that there was no alternative and he had to face reality after 16.5 days of racing. He has identified five problems:

- The spreader roots (attachments) on number 2 and 3 starboard are broken. He cannot manufacture new ones or repair these, as they are made of titanium and need to be very precisely tooled and adjusted.

- The two carbon spreaders are broken. It would be possible to stratify them, but they would not have the same strength after these repairs.

- The standing rigging on the starboard side, in PBO fibre is also affected having been subject to impact from the spreaders: shrouds (vertical 2 and 3), diagonal 3 and 4 cannot be used.

- The starboard runner is also severely damaged.

- The carbon mast tube is also partly delaminated having been hit by the spreaders.
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