Monday, November 24, 2008

VOR Blog Entry

Sid getting read for the sun. Photo Puma Racing
Post brought to you by provided all furling cables to PUMA for the Volvo Ocean Race 2008.

Onboard Puma Racing:
Hi there!
The heat is back, it's a good thing. We are doing some good miles toward the finish, that's also a good thing. il mostro is in fifth place, that's a good and bad one. We could be delivering the boat in slow speed instead of being racing, so for this reason we can not complain, but as a "racer" it is always frustrating to have some transom in front of us. To tell the truth, I am looking forward to the Doldrums and a new situation where anything could happen. But once again the Ericsson boats are in the lead and, so far, they deserve it!

Conditions are pretty easy and the team is working well, this is a satisfaction. I'm taking this opportunity with a little text to raise my hat to Casey, our boat captain, Chris Nicholson, Salty (Rob Salthouse) and our German legend Michi Mueller who worked together to repair Il Mostro. "Battler" (Robbie Naismith) has been enjoying the strong conditions, especially this 48 knots gust with a full main, he loved it!

No Pirates around, only few flying fishes. Bring them on! We are looking for action here!!!
Alright, I am going to get some good dreams.... another voyage! See ya!
Sidney -

Onboard Team Russia

Photo by Mark Covella
Fire Hose Reaching
As Team Russia power reaches north towards Cochin, the fire hose conditions onboard are taking their toll on watch leader Stig Westergaard.

Stig is suffering from a severe eye infection triggered by the constant high-pressure water stream being forced up along the side of the hull and into his face. “In the old days the hose of water resembled sticking your head into a toilet bowl and flushing it,” Stig eludes in his blog today. “But this time I think it best resembles going down to the local fire station, borrowing their biggest, meanest high-pressure hose and turning it up to its max and sticking your head into the beam.”

Unfortunately Stig’s self-proclaimed ‘potato head’ means that the XL helmets onboard do not come close to fitting him. “Now I know why most drivers wear some sort of helmet or goggles, he reflects. “But that is not for me, so right now I am paying the price of having open eyes.”
The sorry state of the nurses on board has led Stig to find a set of swimming goggles in the diver bag. “I will now officially create the department of silly looks,” he promises.

In Mark Covell’s blog, ‘Something for the weekend’, his thoughts turn to Rabbits. Not much more we can say about this other than take a read – maybe he’s going down with something too?! -
BIG BANG!!! Telefonica Blue breaks daggerboard -
We were going so nicely, and all of a sudden, A BIG BANG changed everything. We snapped of one of our daggerboards (side boards) which prevent the boat sliding sideways. We destroyed it and had to stop the boat for 45 minutes. Even worse, the little speed we did was on the wrong tack, sailing away from India.
Hammers, chisels, hacksaws, everything was out, and in the end, we lowered Pepe into the water, to get rid of all the bits and pieces, so that we could lift the board up again. We are now underway again, but way slower than we liked.