Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Any day now...

Mark O'Brien/Alinghi
Ernesto Bertarelli: making waves
[by Andrew Longmore - The Sunday Times] Ernesto Bertarelli is a patient man, but he is tired of waiting. The chances of the Swiss owner of holders Alinghi recovering his America’s Cup from the US courts are receding fast and other team principals, including Sir Keith Mills, owner of Britain’s Team Origin, are starting to make plans.

Eleven potential challengers for the next Cup met in Geneva last week at the instigation of the Swiss billionaire to discuss the format for a multi-challenger series in 2010 that bears a marked resemblance to an America’s Cup. Another series, organised by Team New Zealand, has attracted a decent entry for Auckland in the new year. There is a real danger that by the time the real America’s Cup emerges from the New York Supreme Court some time next year, there will be something else in its place. Read full interview