Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Coolest boat I’ve ever seen....

An afternoon with Team BMW Oracle.

Last week on our beginner day of sailing practice we were completely shut out for wind. So what we we supposed to do!? A quick call down the BMW Oracle compound and we were granted a tour of their amazing trimaran.

I think i was more psyched than the kids until they laid eyes on it and they all seemed to say at once “Thats the coolest boat i’ve ever seen!” It truly is am impressive boat, with a lot of thought and construction put into it no doubt. I was even warned once they figured out i had a camera and they yelled at me “Hey! Only pictures of the kids, right?”

Well heres a few pics of the event. Bet theres a massive list of people just wanting to go on the thing. I feel lucky.

Graham Biehl - http://blog.teammb.org/?p=103