Sunday, November 30, 2008


2008 Snipe WHO - Uruguay

With one hour left before the final time limit of the regatta, it looked like the fleet would be stuck with 8 races. Postponed on shore, the RC finally sent the fleet out around 2pm just for them to drift in the rain & light winds. Magically around 4 the wind began to fill and settle and the warning gun was off. After 2 restarts and a final start under a z-flag, race 9 began. While the majority of the fleet chose to go right in the 5 knot winds, a short group led by 6 Japanese teams, went left and led at the weather mark. Koji Ida and Hiroumi Yamasuki were first around and extended their lead in the 5 to sometimes 8 knots seen during the race to take the final race win.

The regatta leaders all seemed to sail their 2nd throw-outs, falling back in the pack and unable to climb out during the race.

As the fleet finished the race in off and on-again rain, Bruno Bethlem and Dante Bianchi were able to solidify their stake on the Western Hemisphere & Orient Championship of 2008.

The prizegiving was festive as usual with reports of some sailors making it home at 4am. Yacht Club Punta del Este did another fantastic job of great racing and great hospitality.

Full results & photos on the regatta website.

1. Bethlem/Bianchi BRA 17.25
2. Paradeda/Kieling BRA 22.25
3. Rodriguez/Rios USA 34
4. Diaz/Tocke USA 45
5. Defazio/Finck URU 45