Wednesday, March 19, 2008

18th Overall After Five Races

Photo: Will Calver:
By Anna Tunnicliffe: We had tons of sun on the Hauraki Gulf yesterday at the 2008 Laser Radial Women's World Championship but wind was in short supply. The yellow fleet had a relatively short day of it, but our blue fleet took nearly 12 hours, from rigging up our boats to bedding them down, to complete two races.

My results were kinda ordinary, with a 33rd in the fourth race of the series followed by a 13th in the fifth. In between, the committee abandoned an early version of the fifth race when the leaders were on the last run and I was placed ninth.

We have split into gold and silver fleets for the last two days of racing and after discarding my OCS from Saturday, I’m now in 18th place overall with a 6-(OCS)-1-33-13 score. Lijia Xu from China is the series leader. Sarah Steyaert from France is second and Evi van Acker from Belgium is third. Read Anna's full report...