Friday, March 28, 2008

Etchells Mid Winters West

So here we are the day before the Etchells Mid Winters regatta in San Diego, California going through weigh in! A great idea considering that during the last event we had there was a lot of bar talk about some teams being over weight. So this will be a good thing! Not too worried because we are under weight, but those who are close to weight are going to be doing some running in the morning as the scale is a good 8 pounds heavy. So we will see what happens come Saturday morning. Tomorrow should be an interesting day of racing. Defending champion and winner of the Jaguar series Bill Hardesty will be out in full force. Rumor has it that his coach Ed Adams is in town. There’s know doubt he’ll be doing a little spying on the competition to see what others have to bring to the table. I also love when coaches motor up behind you when you’re sailing to take a few pictures of your set up! Kind of makes you feel special! It looks like it will be a good turn out with the likes of Russ Silvestri with Vince Burn on board. Not to mention Eric Dole taking over for Randall Pitman also sailing is Bruce Nelson. I‘ll write more on our outcome after the races tomorrow.

Brian Camet

Etchells USA 1216